Thursday, October 19, 2006

I think this little account of my life has about run its course. I've realized that I don't need to let strangers know what I'm thinking, feeling, doing, etc. My distaste for the Internet, which was already strong, has grown exponentially and nearly everything I see here makes me cringe. I supposed it's not the best idea to retreat into my own little world, but for the time being I feel it's what I have to do.
In the next few months I plan on graduating, finishing my application for grad school at UGA, selling my house and starting over.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Today was my first day of classes. It was definitely the most chaotic first day of classes I can remember. Well, maybe the first day of junior high was worse. Probably. I seriously do not recall USF being so extremely crowded. Did they admit like 10,000 extra people or something? The past two years I've never had problems with parking, etc. Today, though, today first of all I almost hit a guy on a bike and I thought I was going to have a heart-attack. He came out of nowhere and just cut in front of me. Silly bicyclists. Don't they know you have to observe the same traffic rules as automobiles when riding on the street? Or is that just in Europe? Anyways, after my brush with death (sympathies to the bicyclist too...) I spent an hour or so looking for parking. The line at the bookstore was winding through merchandise back to the fitting rooms (did you even know they had fitting rooms?). It conveniently wound through the snack aisle so I ended up buying junk food just because I was bored and hungry. I have never seen the bookstore like that and I worked there through 3 semesters. Then I had to leave again to go to Pro-Copy to pick up a surprise coursepack. Fought with traffic and parking again. Went to class. Classes, as always, are going to kill me this semester. Interesting, but killer. My major tricks its students into taking a thesis class by labeling a "seminar". C'mon, tell it like it is. It's a thesis class. Period. Except we don't get the nice label of an "honors thesis". And probably none of us will ever be published. That'l be my worst class, I'm guessing. If you don't hear from me for the entire month of November it will be because I'm locked in a closet, chained to a computer churning out bullshit about sexual behavior and people with disabilities. Well, at least I have a topic. I guess that's a step in the right direction.
I'll write about New Hamsphire some other time.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Tampa is dead to me. I mean seriously, the last public place I could stand to go is closing. So sad. I don't think more condos are going to contribute to the propagation of auteurism and foreigh film appreciation. Don't get me wrong; I hate Hyde Park, SoHo and their false sense of whiteuppermiddleclasssecurity but I love me some SUNRISE CINEMAS. Why don't they just convert the Armory into condos while they're at it?
This kind of stuff makes people want to leave a place, not stay. I don't need condos to keep me here; I own a house already. What I do need, is a place to see German films when I want extra credit for class. A place to go if the USF film club decides it wants to meet off campus. A place for first dates. Or fifth dates. A place that still sells matinee tickets for cheap. A place where you can enjoy a film with other intelligent adults, not whiny teenyboppers. A place where renowned directors can show or premier their films at small but impressive film festivals.
You get the drift.
Here's to the further lessening of culture in Trampa, FL, USA.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


What I bought today at Sound Exchange (amongst other things). Definitely one of my better purchases. I've been into electronic music for as long as I can remember and Kraftwerk, obviously, is some of the best and most original. I was lucky to find it on vinyl. A good trip to the record store always makes me happy.

Monday, August 14, 2006

"Will you kiss me again so I can pretend we're kissing for the first time
Because when we kissed for the first time I was distracted.
I couldn't believe it was true that I was truly really finally kissing you.
Will you hug me again so I can pretend we're embracing for the first time.
Cause when you held me for the first time I lost my senses.
I couldn't believe it was real
Inside I was laughing and dancing like peppermint eels
May we dance again so I can pretend we're dancing for the first time

Because when we danced for the first time I was so nervous.
I could hardly stay on my feet.
My felicity must not have been very discreet.
Will you give me your hand so I can pretend I'm holding it for the first time?
Let's do everything for the first time forever.
And if forever you are my friend I'll never ever feel unhappy again"
--Of Montreal

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Well, damn. I'm that much closer to graduation. I'm anticipating an A in Fem Film Theory, toss up between an A and B in Africana Studies and I know I got an A in Human Sexual Beh. I got a 98 on the final, without studying. That's kind of depressing. Why can't I know a lot about things that you can actually hold conversations with normal people over?
Africana Studies was my favorite class this term, albeit the most overwhelming.
Now I can sit back and plan my upcoming trip to NH. I can finish reading Sebastian Junger's new book "Death in Belmont" (it's great) and Nick Hornby's "31 Songs". I can get fun movies from Netflix and go to the pool again. Yay. But only for a week. Then it's off to NH and then Fall starts.
Diana is back, the term is over and I pick up the boy from the airport on Saturday. I think I'll survive this long, hot summer yet.

Friday, August 04, 2006

My sista came back today. Hooray, some semblance of normalcy has been restored to my life. Not to mention, all the dishes in the sink have been washed. Slowly, but surely, my life is returning to its better state.
She brought me the Velvet Underground on vinyl and a Nick Hornby novel.
I'm glad she's back.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I love it when I have weird coincidental things happen to me. They have been happening a lot lately. I watched a movie the other day for class called Mona Lisa (Neil Jordan). It was about a prostitute and her struggles in the London underworld scene. Today I was standing in line at the library to get a movie from the reserve desk and this guy randomly came up to me and asked me if I knew of any prostitution movies. I did a double take and made sure he actually asked what I thought he did and then recommended Mona Lisa.
Besides all the coicidentality of the situation, I beg the question: why me? I must either look like a prostitute (currently wearing black dress pants and black and white print top and usual cateye glasses) or look like a film buff (possibly more likely).
I felt good to be able to help someone with their work, though.
My last paper for the term has to be about a pornographic film. Hmm. Lovely. I hate porn more than anything. This ought to be fun. Not.
Oh yeah, there was a hostage situation in Tampa today. I'm glad I didn't have to drive anywhere near Bearss or Dale Mabry today.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I know nobody cares about Korea anymore now that the situation in Lebanon has proven to be more interesting, but my boy was in the DMZ when everything happened, so it was cause for a bit of concern.
My mom and I were talking about the end of the world, etc because of all the political stuff that has been happening and the bad weather and whatnot. I'm not religious, obviously, but I really do think the world is going to implode very soon. So much shit keeps happening and it all seems too convenient and too interlinked. Or maybe that's just my conspiracy theorist talking.
In any case, I guess I can stop worrying about grad school or anything else further in the future than the next month or so. No use in planning ahead anymore. See where being a pessismist gets you?

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Why have I seen this spelled differently in ever single newssource I've looked at? This has been confusing me since the fighting broke out. Prior to about two weeks ago, I only ever saw it spelled "Hezbollah" but now everyone seems to have their own version. Are they all the same? I'm so confused.

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